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RTI Fuels is a young and dynamic company with a fast growing customer base. The RTI team is helpful and competent, working hard to take the company to the next level. Through delivering outstanding service and high quality products, we gain confidence and trust from our clients.
Dedication to the process gains respect from our suppliers, while support and understanding gains loyalty from our employees. Our Managing director is actively involved in every aspect of the business, ensuring quality and reliability. All our staff members are helpful and competent, always putting customer needs first.

Our Goals

Our Mission

Driven by FAITH

In an economic and political unstable enviornment, nothing is certain.
Faith in the process, Faith in humanity and Faith in God is what keeps us strong and focused.

To empower, and uplift

RTI Fuels is also BEE compliant (level 2) as per the Oil Industry Fuel Charter.


RTI Fuels has built reputable relationships with various stakeholders throughout South Africa, including retail sites, distributors and agents.
Our service excellence is the sum of highly competent tream, a reliable fleet of tanker trucks and an outstanding product. The use of highly accurate measuring equipment gives our clients added peace of mind. Because we are an independent supplier, we are not restricted to a specific brand of fuel, which ensures better negotiation opportunities in terms of quality and price.

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